Unit 3 Culminating Project

Essential Question: How do species change over time and should humans intervene?


The Peppered Moth is not the only species that has experienced change. Many other species are also affected by changes in their environment as a result of human activity. As we watch more and more species struggle with the changing environmental conditions, the question becomes: Should we intervene or should we allow nature to take its course?

A “Think Tank” is a body of experts that provides advice and ideas on questions like these, but first they must have the opportunity to discuss, argue, and problem-solve the specific issue. As a group, you will prepare for a “Think Tank” discussion centered around the question: Should we intervene on the behalf of species that are affected by environmental change or allow nature to take its course?

To prepare for this discussion, your GROUP will:

  1. Pick a species negatively affected by changing environmental conditions caused by human activity.
  2. Research the species and other similar cases
    • Has a similar circumstance occurred before? What was the result?
  3. Decide whether humans should intervene to save this species or not.
    • Identify several claims to support your decision
    • Support each claim with evidence & reasoning
  4. Develop an argument to support your position.
    • Identify possible responses to your claims – how might classmates disagree with you?
    • Plan a reply – how might you reply to them, using your research and evidence?

Finally, prepare for this discussion by dividing up your notes into different parts. Have each person be responsible for sharing part of it. For example, each person in your group should familiarize themselves with a claim and evidence/reasoning to share with the class. Make some notecards to use during the discussion.

Participation in the discussion is not graded, but will be noted.