Unit 1 Vocabulary

This list will be updated periodically as we add new words to our unit.

Mass: amount of matter in an object

Gravity: a universal force of attraction between all objects

Universal force: a force that exists between everything, AKA a fundamental force

Weight: a measure of gravity’s downward pull

Motion: changing position over time, often compared to a reference point

Position: an object’s location

Speed: the rate at which an object moves (speed = distance / time)

Velocity: speed in a particular direction (ie, m/s East)

Acceleration: change in an object’s velocity over time

  • Positive acceleration – speeding up
  • Negative acceleration – slowing down, deceleration

Energy = the ability to do work

Potential energy: stored energy

  • gravitational potential energy = mass x gravitational acceleration x height

Kinetic energy: moving energy = 1/2 x mass x velocity^2

Energy conservation: energy is never created nor destroyed (lost nor gained), but transformed from one form to another. Or, the energy at the beginning is equal to the energy at the end.