Phase 3: Construction, Verification Testing and Modifications

  • This phases verifies your solution by testing your design
  • Each prototype should be evaluated about 3-5 times before modifications are made
  • This phase shows your ability to conduct an investigation, so this phase will be graded
  • On a separate page in your NB, complete the following for EACH modification:


Date – Verification of Prototype #

A) Pre-Trial Notes

  • List the key design elements verified by the trials
  • Briefly outline the reasoning behind the car’s components

B) Data

  • Find & record the car’s mass
  • Complete 3-5 test runs per prototype
  • Measure and record the distance and time traveled, include units
  • Calculate the average speed and average data of all trials completed
  • If the car breaks on the first trial, record the data, fix the part, then keep testing and recording notes
  • Redo “outlier” trials if needed
Trial Average Speed (____) Roll Distance (___) Notes

C) Post-Trial Notes

  • Evaluate your device by discussing its strengths and weaknesses
  • What weakness can you modify in the next prototype?

**** Continue verification of modified prototypes on separate pages in your NB