Roller Coaster History, Records, and Elements

Roller Coaster History

Roller Coaster Records

Roller Coaster Elements

  • We’re not talking about the periodic table here… A roller coaster element is part of the track, often a corkscrew or flip, maybe something that makes some people want to puke.
  • These are some of my favorite elements:
    • Batwing
    • Butterfly Inversion
    • Camelback
    • Cobra Roll
    • Corkscrew
    • Hammerhead Turn
    • Heartline Roll
    • Horseshoe
    • Immelmann Loop
    • Pretzel Loop
    • Raven Turn
    • Sea Serpent Roll
    • Top Hat
  • What do these mean? Check out these sites to learn more about them
  • Label & draw some elements in your notebook.

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