Activity: Sound Waves

Task: Make three claims about Sound Waves and support them with evidence from today.


Big Drums

Breaking Glass with Voice



  • An oscilloscope is an electrical testing device used to measure and “see” the frequency of an electrical signal over time. Non-electrical signals (such as sound or vibrations) can be converted to electrical signals and displayed on a screen using a microphone.
  • Go to Virtual Oscilloscope
  • A small window will pop up asking to use the microphone – click ALLOW
  • Switch the menu to “Live Input”
  • Experiment with high-pitched noises and low-pitched noises using your voice. What do you observe?
  • Then, experiment with loud noises and soft noises. What do you observe?
  • Sketch and explain what happens to the sound waves on the oscilloscope when you change the pitch and volume.

Claim – Evidence – Reasoning

  • Use today’s observations as evidence to create three claims. Cite the specific evidence and support your reasoning.
    1. Sound is produced by…
    2. A sound wave’s volume …
    3. A sound wave’s pitch …