Online Activity: Sound & Hearing

Guiding Question: How does human hearing compare to animal hearing?

Part 1 – What is hearing?

  1. Sign in to watch Brainpop: Hearing
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  2. Complete the notes
  3. Label the ear anatomy.
  4. Order each from #1 (when sound first reaches ear) to #8 (registers in brain).
  5. Consider getting this checked by someone!

Coronal section of ear showing outer, inner, and middle ear structures. SOURCE: Original art. Used in 4A11933, 4A11928, 4B11937, 82413, 83594. Versions in 2A940371, 5A11937, 83596.

Part 2 – Test Your Hearing

Visit to take the online hearing test. Put on headphones, turn down the volume to LOW, and gradually turn up the volume to a safe level. Check which frequencies you hear and which you do not.

Auditory Acuity

Go somewhere very quiet with a partner. Turn away from your partner. The partner will gently tap two plastic spoons together. Continue walking until you cannot hear the tapping anymore. Measure the distance. Repeat, but tightly cover your right ear. Repeat again, but covering your left ear.

Part 3 – How does your hearing compare to other animals?

  1. Choose ONE article to read:
    1. Baby Whale Whisper
    2. Elephants can hear the sound of approaching clouds
    3. Bats show ability to change ear shape
    4. Four animals that lie using sound
    5. Elephant Seals recognize vocal rhythms to avoid bullies
    6. Birds are changing their songs to shout over traffic noise
    7. How do dolphins hear?
    8. Dog Brains Respond to People’s Voices the Same Way that We Do
    9. Giraffes Hum to Each Other Throughout the Night
    10. Cyber Enhanced Dogs
  2. Complete the Venn Diagram based on your readings.

Part 4: Music & Hearing Loss

Read the earbud article on How often do you use earbuds? Do you think they have affected your hearing? Do you worry about hearing loss at all?

Extra Time?

Watch some of these!