Proposal 2: Rover & Lander

The Mission to Mars Proposal Two is a poster, completed in a time limit of 85 minutes, that includes the following:

  • A sketch or photograph of the Rover/Lander combo
    • Label the main components
  • Data Summary
    • Include some Rover data and official Lander data
  • Prototype Progression
    • Include a description and/or sketches of how the Rover and Lander design(s) changed over time
  • Argument for Selection
    • Explain to Schuffatt why your Rover/Lander should be selected for the Mission to Mars. What strengths does it have? What are its weaknesses? How might those weaknesses be improved? Include adequate & thoughtful justifications.
  • Crew Psychology
    • Briefly discuss how your crew collaborated (or not) to complete the Rover/Lander. Did everyone contribute? How did you resolve conflict?

Check the Prototypes and Proposals!

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