Proposal 1: Crew Selection and Formation

Learning Goal: Identify what types of scientists and engineers are essential for successful travel to, and living on, Mars.

Each crew completes ONE proposal. Consider having one crew member download the document, share it with each crew member, and then all contribute using Google Docs. Download: Proposal 1

  1. Form a crew of 4-6 members
    • Choose wisely. This is your group anytime we complete a Mars activity. Sometimes, you will receive the same grade as one another. Always, you will need to collaborate and work well together.
  2. Create a “Crew Name”
    • This is your team name.
  3. Create individual “call signs”
    • These are your astronaut nicknames.
  4. Create a Crew Mission Statement
    • What values does your crew stand for? What is your crew goal? What are your expectations for each other throughout our Mars projects?
    • Consider limiting this to 1 or 2 sentences only.
  5. Create a Crew Mission Badge
    • Draw and color a simple picture that represents your crew, values, and goals. Check out some student examples below:
    • This slideshow requires JavaScript.

  6. Complete the Crew Talent Sheet by identifying the Job Specialties of each astronaut.
    • First, consider and discuss the following in your group:
      • What does it take to get to Mars?
      • What does it take to live on Mars?
      • What types of scientists and engineers are needed for travel to and to live on Mars?
    • Second, each person identifies their “Personality Traits”.
      • These may be your own personal traits and/or traits that you wish your astronaut to possess.
    • Third, each person selects one or two “Job Specialties”.
      • In other words, select one or two “Fields of Study” or professions.
      • Geology and astrophysics? Or oceanography and psychology?
      • Which fields are required for a successful trip to, and to live on, Mars?
      • Be reasonable! Your astronaut may have 1, 2, or maybe even 3 specialties… but it is unreasonable to have more than that.
    • Fourth, justify why this person is needed for the crew.
      • In other words, what makes their traits essential for your crew success?
      • Also, why are their Job Specialties needed? What makes them so important?
      • This is the most important part!
  7. As a group, complete the final proposal together “Schuffatt Industries should select this crew because…”
    • Clearly explain why your crew is optimal for the Mission to Mars. Do you have the best collection of job specialties? How does your collection of astronauts form the perfect team?
  8. Submit this completed Proposal to Schuffatt when complete.
    • You may handwrite it, print it out, or share with