PSA Project

A Public Service Announcement is part of a public awareness campaign to inform or educate the public about issues regarding health & safety. The purpose is to educate the public, in order to help people make  good decisions Sometimes, a PSA is oppositional or shows the viewer “what not to do”, such as anti-drugs or accidental death from drinking and driving. Other times, a PSA is supportive & shows “what to do”, such as condom use for preventing unwanted pregnancy or calling for help in domestic violence cases.

Main Requirements

  • žTarget Audience: 12-18 year olds
  • žGroups of 4 or less (may work with any student from Baker or Siegel’s classes)
  • žMust include an appropriate, positive, educational message
  • Create a main title (others will be voting for your project by title)


Decide who you want to work with.

1. Select a Topic

  • Tobacco, Cigarettes
  • E-cigs, Vape pens
  • žDrugs, Marijuana, Pills
  • žAlcohol, underage drinking
  • žDrunk driving
  • Addiction
  • žEating disorders
  • žRisky online use
  • žHealthy lifestyle
  • žGang Activity, violence
  • ž[Cyber] Bullying
  • žGambling
  • žTeen pregnancy
  • Abusive or unhealthy relationships
  • Self-harm, cutting
  • Suicidal thoughts
  • žRisky sexual activity
  • žPeer Pressure
  • žSexting
  • Self-Image
  • žLGBTQIA Rights
  • Cell phone use while driving
  • Social Media or online addiction
  • Anxiety, pressure from parents, school, etc

2. Choose a Project Option

Each project is worth a different amount of points, depending on the expected time required to complete each option. Choose one that best fits your strengths and/or abilities. If you don’t know how to make a movie, don’t do one. If you really want to impact your grade, choose one that is worth more points.

  • Commercial: 0:30-2:00 minute video including 3 facts with cited sources (150 points) – What type of movie do you want to make? Video or still frame? Audio or silent? Narrator or typed? Comedic or serious? Create a storyboard to plan each frame.
  • Billboard: Design a billboard (poster) that includes original artwork, a powerful logo/slogan, and 3 facts with cited sources – information may be posted on the back (50 points) – What do you want your ad to relay? How can you make it stand out creatively? What is your logo & catchphrase? How can you incorporate a positive message?
  • Website or Mobile/Tablet App: The choice is yours… Sorry, I can’t help you with this one. (100 points)
  • Music Video: Use an existing song with new lyrics or create your own (150 points) What type of music? Create your own or rewrite lyrics? Lip-synced/dubbed or filmed live?
  • Meme Collection: – Use existing memes with your own original funny/catchy/interesting text, or create your own memes and GIFs. Collection should include at least 15 various memes/GIFs. Include cited sources. (50 points) – What is the focus of your collection? What memes are you going to use? How are you going to get across the positive educational message?
  • Open-Ended – Not inspired by one of these? Create your own! Talk to your teacher before you start.

Obtain a PSA Brainstorm Sheet from your teacher to help you get started.

3. Create

You will be given minimal class time. Most will be completed outside of class. So pick partners wisely and review the rubric:


PSA REGISTRATION – by Friday, May 25 – Just ONE person from your group completes this form once you’ve selected partners, project option, topic, and main title

4. Turn In – due by Tuesday, June 5 (Periods 1-4) or Wednesday June 6 (periods 5 & 6)

žTurn in to any one teacher (Baker, Siegel, Schumacher). Videos must be shared digitally or via flash drive.

Need inspiration?

Student Examples

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Professional PSA Examples