Sexual Health Education

All 8th grade science classes end the school year with the Sexual Healthy Education Program. The lessons, created by San Diego Unified Sexual Health Services department, are educational, relevant, and age-appropriate. Below is a list of lesson titles and the topics covered in each 8th grade class.

Additionally, students from Mrs. Schumacher, Mr. Baker’s, and Ms. Siegel’s classes will complete a PSA end-of-the-year project.


1 Blue is for Boys, Pink is for Girls… or Are They? External influences on attitude(s) towards gender, gender identity, and sexual orientation
2 Sexual Orientation, Behavior, and Identity: How I Feel, What I Do, and Who I Am Distinguish between sexual orientation, identity, and behavior
3 Everybody’s Got Body Parts Female and male sexual and reproductive systems
4 Reproductive Basics Sexual intercourse, human reproduction
5 STI Smarts Symptoms, treatment, and prevention of STIs/HIV; accessing medically accurate information
6 Birth Control Basics Medically accurate information about contraception, including abstinence, condoms, and emergency contraception
7 What If… ? Signs of pregnancy, pregnancy options, accessing medically accurate pregnancy information
8 Warning Signs: Understanding Sexual Abuse & Assault Warning signs and impacts of sexual abuse, sexual assault, relationship violence, sexual harassment, and sex trafficking
9 Making SMART Choices Decision-making model to support effective decision-making skills to avoid high-risk activities
10 Let’s Talk About Sex Communication and negotiation skills to reduce sexual health risks