Potential and Kinetic Energy

What is potential energy? What is kinetic energy?

  • Potential energy isstored” energy
    • There are a few types of potential energy: gravitational, elastic, etc
    • All of them involve the object’s mass and position
  • Kinetic energy is “moving” energy
    • There are many forms of kinetic energy: vibrational, rotational, translational, etc.
    • All of them involve a moving object with mass
  • Potential energy can turn into kinetic energy, and vice versa.
  • balloonWatch SOME of these videos and add to your notes:

  • Consider watching the Brainpops on Kinetic & Potential Energy

How can you show this mathematically?


What do Potential and Kinetic Energy have to do with roller coasters?

  • Check this out or look at the gifs below.
  • Then, explain what potential and kinetic energy have to do with roller coasters.
  • Consider explaining what you saw last class with your own model coaster.


You Try It

  • Think you got it? On your paper, label where on a roller coaster is the most KE, least KE, most PE, and least PE. Consider getting this checked by your teacher to make sure you are understanding it correctly.
  • coaster unlabeled

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