Kinetic and Potential Energy Conservation

What is energy conservation?

  • We’ve already discussed the Law of Conservation of Energy!!! Do you remember what it is? Go back and check your notes. Then, watch this video and consider how it demonstrates (or doesn’t) the law of energy conservation:

How can you show Energy Conservation mathematically?

  • The KE & PE before an action should always equal the KE & PE after an action.
  • In other words, the energy you start with should always equal the energy you end with. It never disappears, but gets converted or transformed into other forms.
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Check Your Understanding

  • Do you really get what energy conservation is all about?
  • Think about the episode of Mythbusters we watched before break… the one where Adam and Jamie make a giant Newton’s Cradle. Then, think about when you were able to play around with a small Newton’s Cradle in class during the Newton Stations.
  • How does a Newton’s Cradle demonstrate potential and kinetic energy conservation?
  • Browse through the slideshow below to check your understanding:
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What does energy conservation have to do with roller coasters?

  • Did you know that roller coasters use an engine to power the coaster ONLY AT THE VERY BEGINNING??? They’re dragged up to the top of the first hill, but from then on, no more external energy is added.
  • WHY?! How does a roller coaster continue to move through the twists and turns of a track if it only uses an engine at the very beginning?!
  • It has to do with Energy Conservation.
  • Use the following links/videos to explain how

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