Computational Thinking

What is computational thinking?

  • A way to solve problems using computer science techniques
  • Using mathematics to explain or build on scientific processes
  • Used by engineers to solve problems

Computational Thinking Vocabulary

  • Data Collection – gathering appropriate information
  • Data Analysis – Making sense of data,  finding patterns, and drawing conclusions
  • Data Representation – Showing data in appropriate graphs, charts, words, or images
  • Simulation – Using a model to show how something works or to imitate an experience
  • Problem Decomposition – Breaking down tasks into smaller, manageable parts
  • Abstraction – Reducing complexity to find the main idea
  • Algorithms & Procedures – Series of ordered steps taken to solve problems
  • Automation – Having computers or machines do repetitive or difficult tasks
  • Parallelization – Organize resources to simultaneously cary out tasks to reach a common goal