Test Corrections

I accept test corrections for specified assessments only. Please check with me first.

Complete the following on a separate piece of paper attached to the original test and scantron (if applicable).

  1. Write the problem #
  2. Briefly restate the question.
  3. Box/circle/highlight the correct answer.
    • If you’re not sure what the answer is, check your notes or come see me!
    • No guessing!
  4. Briefly explain WHY IT IS THE RIGHT ANSWER.
    • This is how you learn – realizing what you didn’t understand and fixing it.
    • Do NOT explain why you got it wrong, that you guessed or left it blank or just didn’t know.

Example #1

#40 What factor determines the absolute brightness of a star?

(d) – Star size

The size of a star determines its brightness because the larger a star is, the more light a star emits, and the brighter it is.

Example #2

#10: Two advantages to the metric system are…
(1) the metric system is easier to convert within units because it is based on prefixes of 10. You simply divide or multiply by 10, hopping the decimal. (2) Everyone in the world (except for the US, Myanmar, and Liberia) use the metric system, so it is easy to share and compare data. (3) Using one standard unit minimizes the potential for errors.

Example #3

#5: metric unit for weight
C. Newton
Weight is a measurement of the amount of gravity pulling down on an object and is measured in Newtons or pounds, not grams like mass.

Example #4

#8, What two forces act on the book?
D. Gravity & Normal Force
The book is resting on the table. Gravity is pulling the book onto the table and the normal supportive force of the table is pushing the book back up.