Study Ideas

Studying and preparing for assessments is an important skill to master, but everyone does it differently. By the end of this year, I hope that you learn which study method is BEST for you. Not the easiest, not the fastest, but the best in terms digesting information to share with me on the assessment.

  1. Complete the study guide
    • Do it on your own (at least at first)
    • Use just your portfolio (no online help, no book)
    • Circle/star/highlight parts that you had to search for or parts that you need help on, then seek help with those sections or consider flashcards
    • Carefully and methodically go through each learning goal and consider your answer
    • Your teacher took time to make a study guide… doesn’t that tell you something? Wouldn’t it be smart to look at a version of the assessment? Duh
  2. Make a cheat sheet
    • Get a piece of paper
    • Go through your portfolio and write down the important stuff
    • Consider vocab/definitions, math practice, lab results, etc
    • You can’t use this on the assessment, but it helps you prepare
  3. Teach someone else
    • One of the best ways to learn is by teaching OUT LOUD
    • Find someone (or look at yourself in the mirror, or a stuffed animal, or your poster of Bieber or Gomez) and “talk out” or teach the portfolio.
    • Explain what you did, what you learned, what your teacher said in class
    • Go over the labs and explain the data and results.
  4. Quiz a study partner
    • Find someone you trust and work well with
    • Go through your portfolio and ask each other questions
    • If they miss it, teach it to them
  5. Make flash cards
    • Good for memorizing facts or vocabulary
    • Making the flash cards is one thing, committing them to memory is takes time & effort
  6. Play a game
    • Occasionally, I’ll have games for you. If not, see if you can find one online or make it up.
    • Try as a starting place
  7. Watch online videos
    • Consider Brainpop, Crash Course, Scishows, Bozeman, Khan academy…
  8. Make up a song or dance
    • Get goofy
  9. Schedule a time to work with your teacher
  10. Ask your parent/guardian for help or to quiz you

Do you have a good idea??? LET ME KNOW!!!