Class Technology

We are SOOOO fortunate to have a class set of new Chromebooks and iPads. Keep in mind that your assigned chromebook/iPad is NOT yours. It does not belong to you or even to Mrs. Schumacher. It belongs to the school and is used by multiple students. Therefore, it is incredibly important that you treat it respectfully and carefully. Skim through the Technology Guidelines below, then indicate True or False on your paper.

  • Use ONLY your assigned Chromebook/iPad.
    • NEVER grab an extra just because your’s is missing or not working.
  • Tell me immediately if your Chromebook/iPad is not working.
    • If you don’t tell us what’s wrong, we can’t fix it. Then the next kid gets a bum one too.
  • Use the Chromebook/iPad for school purposes only.
    • Unless your teacher has given you permission otherwise.
  • Be respectful  and do not delete/edit/change another’s work.
  • Do not change/add/delete any apps on the iPad.
  • Make sure your hands are clean and dry.
    • Cheetoh fingers on an iPad? Sick!
  • Always return the Chromebook/iPad in the correct spot.
    • If you are not sure where it belongs, ask.
  • Please plug it back in unless asked otherwise.