Cell Phones

There will be plenty of times when you may use your cell phone in my class, and some times when you may not. Often, I’ll let you use it for research or class work, or to take pictures of cool work like during a design challenge. Occasionally, you may use it for listening to music such as when we’re doing independent work and it helps you focus. NEVER, will you use it at inappropriate times such as during a lesson or test, and NEVER will you use it to communicate with others during class.

The first time you use your phone irresponsibly, you get a warning. The second time, the phone will be given to the vice principals and now you’re on my radar. In other words, I’ll be watching you more carefully than other students and hoping that you earn back my trust. So please be responsible and leave your phone in your pocket or backpack unless Mrs. Schumacher indicates that you may have it out.

a. Is it ok to use your cell in Mrs. Schumacher’s class?