My Expectations & Grading

Academic Grades

This year, we’re trying something a little different. Work will be graded using Mrs. Schumacher’s Grading Scale, shown here:

Citizenship Grades

  • All students begin each semester with a “Satisfactory” citizenship grade.
  • In order to earn a “Good” or “Excellent” grade, students must regularly help others, participate, and follow the general school & classroom rules.
  • Additionally, each unit, students will set an Active Learning Goal, targeting an area of weakness and trying to improve upon it. Efforts towards achieving this goal will also contribute towards a student’s citizenship grade.
  • Please check out the rubric below.

Citizenship Grading 2016

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This year, Mrs. Schumacher hopes that you will become…

  • A curious learner
  • A hard worker
  • A science enthusiast
  • A kind group member
  • A collaborative classmate