What are we learning this year?

  • Physics: motion, forces, energy, waves
  • Space: Sun/Earth/Moon system, solar system, gravity
  • Earth’s Diversity & Evolution: geologic time scale, theory of evolution, natural selection, mutation
  • Engineering: design process, coding basics
  • Human health and sexuality

What should I do if I’m absent?

  1. Go to Mrs. Schumacher’s website to find the day’s agenda.
  2. On the day you return, get any papers you missed.
  3. Complete the missing assignments ASAP.
  4. If you miss a lab, plan on giving up at least one lunch to complete it.

It’s my birthday.

  • Congratulations! You have the option of wearing a birthday hat and celebrating just a little.

How do I check my grades?

  • Online using PowerSchool

What is a science portfolio?

  • It’s sort of like a notebook, but a binder. At the beginning of a unit, students will receive a table of contents that lists each assignment of the unit and its corresponding page number. Pages will be added synchronously to the portfolio. Portfolios are a way for you to organize your work neatly, so that you may find evidence of your learning when asked.

Is there a lot of homework?

  • Not really. In fact, I don’t even really like to call it homework, but rather unfinished class work. If something major is due, you will have multiple days to work on it and almost always some class time. And, I accept late work without grade penalty.

What’s your typical grading style?

  • This year, we’re trying something different. Check out more on my Expectations Page.
  • Here is what I’m looking for in a portfolio…

portfolio examples

How often do we have tests?

  • There will usually be an assessment at the end of each unit.

Do you offer test retakes?

  • Yes. They will be offered on specific dates as noted by your teacher. You will receive a different version of the test, with new questions. If you prefer to complete the test retake orally, ASK!

Do you offer extra credit?

  • Nope.

So… how can I improve my grade without extra credit?

  • You may redo any assignment to show improved mastery and raise your grade. Make sure you see your teacher to get what you missed in the first place. Often, the only way you learn is by reviewing missed concepts or misconceptions and seeking help.

Is there any statewide testing for science?

  • This year, we will be taking a pilot NGSS test instead of the old CST. More info coming.

 What should I do if I’m struggling in class?

  • COME SEE ME! Students that tend to do poorly in my class are those that procrastinate or struggle with concepts and never ask for help. Be an active learner; do your best, work hard, and ask questions about what you don’t get.

Is this class hard?

  • Content-wise, science can be tough for some students. There’s a bunch of vocabulary and some difficult concepts. As long as you try hard, complete your work, turn in your portfolios, and ask for help when you need it, you should do fine.

Wait, who are you again?

Born in Bitburg, Germany, I spent the first year of my life touring Europe, and returned for a few years with my family while still in elementary school. I was fortunate enough to see an incredible amount of Europe and would love to go back to Germany someday. Unfortunately, I was an extremely shy kid and never learned much German.

The rest of my childhood was spent in Napa. I played soccer, tennis, & badminton in high school. I’m lucky, because my entire family still lives in Napa… aunts, uncles, cousins, grandmas, everyone. My mother has been a teacher and middle school administrator for many years and my sister and cousins are also middle school teachers in Sacramento-area. So many of my family members have been teachers, counselors, principals, psychologists… you name it, we’ve got it covered. The running joke is that my family could create its own school district.

While I miss the beauty of Napa, I love living in San Diego. I graduated from UC San Diego with a major in Animal Physiology and Neuroscience, and minors in both Psychology and Philosophy. A few years later, I obtained my teaching credential from San Diego State University. The very first person I met at UCSD? My future husband! Evan and I got married in 2008 and I changed my name from Ms. Wiggin to Mrs. Schumacher. Evan is the CEO of InstantEncore and creates mobile apps for a variety of businesses.

On July 11, 2014, my son Cadel (rhymes with “Adelle”) was born. He is amazing! Very curious, mobile, and loud. He loves to climb and be chased, including by my dog. He is crazy about Cars, trains, trucks, basically anything that moves. Then, on January 29, 2017, my daughter Claire was born! She is much calmer than Cadel. She loves to watch her brother and sister (Hazel) and is just starting to eat real food.

In the rare event of free time, I can be found lounging in my backyard reading a big book and watching my dog Hazel dig up the yard. Hazel is an adopted Rhodesian Ridgeback – Lab mix and is about 8 years old. She’s beautiful, strong, and intelligent, but also a little feisty and overly-protective. I also love to cook, play soccer, attend the San Diego Symphony and Opera, and try to stay active running, practicing Yoga, and gardening.