PSA Project

Our end-of-the-year project is here! Complete a Public Service Announcement on the health or safety topic of your choice. You may work on your own or in groups of 4 or less, with any student from Mrs. Schumacher, Mr. Baker, or Ms. Siegel’s classes. You may also choose the project option – Billboard (poster), Meme Collection, Commercial (video), Music Video, etc. Check out the PSA Project page for details, including student and professional PSA examples.

REGISTER your partners and project here!

Register only once you know (1) who you are working with, (2) the MAIN TITLE, (3) project option, and (4) topic. Only one person per group needs to complete this.

PSAs are due by Tuesday June 5 (periods 1-4) or Wednesday June 6 (periods 5 & 6).