Unit 2 Think Tank Discussion & Letters

Wow! What amazing discussions you all led!! Time to act by writing a letter to an organization or political figure.

Most classes reached the general consensus that your generation should not wait for others to take action. Instead, you should make dramatic AND small changes. Here’s a list of POSSIBLE SOLUTIONS your peers shared. Remember, you’ll disagree with some of these, but hopefully there are a few you can personally consider.

  • Bring awareness to those that might be ignorant or unaware of how serious some of these issues are
  • Prioritize by focusing our efforts on the most important species, such as bees and coral
  • Promote/donate/join small organizations that already support environmental causes
  • Invent creative hunting/fishing options, such as better fish hooks & nets that catch only the intended animal
  • Offer/require educational classes on ways to reduce environmental impacts
  • Create/modify laws to further protect endangered species and their environment, in order to allow their populations to naturally increase which will increase genetic variation over time, allowing for animals to adapt & evolve on their own
  • Run for office!
  • Vote for candidates that place the Earth as their top priority
  • Pressure those in power – governments, politicians, CEOs – to make changes and act
  • Cut down on meat consumption by encouraging cheaper alternatives
  • Focus our tech and science funding on renewable energy technology and carbon emission reductions
  • Provide foreign aid to countries with high pollution rates and/or to those that rely on deforestation/poaching/etc as their source of income
  • Recycle and reuse items as much as possible
  • Be mindful of plastic use and disposable items
  • Use GMOs if/when possible & ethically acceptable, once technology is safe & accurate
  • Promote genetic engineering technology, such as bio-plastics that are biodegradable
  • Improve mass transit likes trains
  • Improve alternative transportation ideas like improved bike lanes and carpooling
  • Improve technology to reduce carbon dioxide, such as carbon removal and algae
  • Eliminate tourism from impacted at-risk ecosystems
  • Be mindful of everyday actions – such as littering & leaving the lights on
  • Increase fire protection to avoid wildfires
  • Raise social media awareness and tag influencers to prompt them to action
  • Offer tax returns or incentives to citizens/companies that reduce their environmental impact
  • Encourage military involvement of areas known for poaching/hunting
  • Support eco-friendly companies that produce environmentally-friendly products and boycott or don’t support those that don’t
  • Create a UN for the climate!

Unit 2 Project

  1. Watch this 22-minute video:
  2. Form a group
    • Be smart about who you work with
    • Groups of 3-4 students only
  3. Choose a species to research
    • Species must be endangered or at-risk due to human-caused changes to their environment
  4. Create a group copy of our project outline
    • Accessible in google classroom or here
  5. Sign up your group and species here.
    • Only one person needs to fill this out per group.

Lesson: Human Interventions

  1. Article: Selective Breeding & GMOs
    • Take notes & answer the questions in your notebook:
      1. What is selective breeding?
      2. What is genetic engineering?
      3. What are the advantages & disadvantages of GMOs?
  2. Gizmo: Genetic Engineering
    • Complete the gizmo to answer the following:
      1. How can we produce corn that is resistant to caterpillars?
      2. What are some possible environmental benefits of GM crops?
      3. What are some possible environmental risks of GM crops?

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Unit 2 Games

Find some more educational but engaging games? Let me know!