Unit D Test

The Unit D Test is Period 1 – Wednesday 2/28  or periods 3-6 Thursday 3/1. It is closed-portfolio and consists of three parts (multiple choice, short answer, long answer).

On Monday 2/27, students will receive a study guide to review the major concepts. Otherwise, here is what the assessment measures:

  1. Waves and Wave Behavior
    1. Vocabulary and Properties: amplitude, frequency, wavelength, crest, trough
    2. Types of waves (mechanical vs electromagnetic, transverse v longitudinal)
  2. Sound Waves and their behavior through mediums
    1. Explaining sound phenomenon (glass bottles, sound stations)
  3. Light Waves and their behavior through mediums
    1. Vocabulary and properties: transmission, reflection, refraction, absorption
    2. Explaining light phenomenon (water optical illusions, light stations
    3. Electromagnetic Spectrum
      1. How is it organized?
      2. Visible Light & Color
        1. Rainbows – how do they form?
        2. Prisms
        3. Explaining color phenomenon (apples, gummy bears)
        4. Primary colors of Light
    4. Mirrors and Lenses
  4. Vision
    1. Basic eye anatomy
    2. How do we see color?

Topics NOT on the assessment: hearing, Analog v Digital, Earthquake Rescue Plan, or the Cow Eye.